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Forgotten Hill: Disillusion APK 1.1.12(119 MB)

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About [1.1.13] Forgotten Hill: Disillusion Mod APK

Forgotten Hill: Disillusion is a horror adventure puzzle game. The game screen is dull, and the horrible music adds to the horror of the game. The game is mainly to use some of the new challenging adventures to forget the mountain to solve the puzzle, find clues to hide the theaters around, and start the investigation and tracking. This game tests the player’s ability to reason and analyze, and the ability to think and respond to brain power.

Welcome to Forgotten Hill Museum, a place where the past, the present, nature, art and the unknown are exhibited!
Do you want to have the best experience of this visit? So take some advice: never believe your eyes…

Forgotten Hill Disillusion, the 4th chapter of Forgotten Hill main story, is a first-person point and click game with a horror and grotesque atmosphere, focused on solving puzzles and riddles in order to discover the secrets of the disturbing town of Forgotten Hill.

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