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Forest Home Description

A little rabbit was caught in the vine on her way home, and this time our heroine appeared. She rescued the bunny and sent it back to the bunny’s lair.

The game begins, the player’s task is to guide the animals go the right path, but you look simple to do it difficult!-apkAwarD.com

Mr. Taiki told players to point the right path for small animals and critters. In a square, there are a few lost animals and their homes are scattered in other places in the grid. The player has to do is to use Fingers slide on the screen to connect the critters with their home. The connected lines can not cross and must fill the entire square. Of course there is a small stone bridge where the route is overlap! Sometimes animals must also go to the specified grid to eat food Oh!

The game screen uses 2D images, small animals are used 3D modeling, but also idle where jumped, the entire game interface cartoon style full, but also in the game level selection interface, the tree is swinging, small animals in the Wandering, goblins dancing! The picture is very beautiful!

The background music of the game is the kind of light music, cheerful, together with the sounds of forest animals, good to hear!

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