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Dungeon Rushers Description

This is used for turn-based combat, play a bit like a board game. In the game, the player will act as an indifferent toilet cleaner, Elian, with the task of joining the dungeon predators, working with them through undergrounds, mines and deserts and constantly seeking wealth and preventing evil companies from monopolizing lucrative markets. Seemingly free dungeons, in fact, more than 70 hurdles and a wild brutal beast waiting for players to challenge.

A total of 10 characters in the game waiting to be ed, with each career and tactics need players to think. Players need to set up a combat team of five heroic characters to explore the dungeon, plundering the wealth inside the dungeon. In addition to exploring the dungeons set by the game itself, players can build their own forts and place traps and monsters in the forts to protect their fortune. Players can also attack each other plunder, defeated Kou, wealth honor, enough to fight a full addiction.

In addition, the game is also equipped with weapons strengthening and forging system. The game has six different artisans who will help you improve the quality of your gear. Catch the forage ahead of the forage, sophisticated weaponry tactics is the best way to attack or defensive.

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