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Dungeon Defense Description

“Dungeon Defense” is a defensive game in which players are required to recruit heroes of all races to fight for you and resist enemy waves of invaders.

The “Dungeon Defense” screen is rendered in a 2D cross-screen and rendered in a very popular pixel style nowadays, so it is still very “rough”. Especially the disorganized game interface makes the rabbit very disliked. However, this can also be regarded as a rough and fine, although both the role modeling or skill icons seem eyeful are all kinds of mosaic, but it can be distinctive, but also as a group of enemy soldiers under the city, can do To miscellaneous and chaos, the use of pixel images and make a variety of skill effects do not seem to have some flavor.

“Dungeon Defense” has a good performance in music, electronic music background music and pixel images have an excellent fit, giving the impression that the same is playing the same pixel games. However, some of the music for the melody too relaxed and relaxed, did not reflect the feeling of that war soon, and thus can not bring enough tension for the players.

“Dungeon Defense” tells the player where the dungeon is the last one in the world that has not been occupied by the monster Rush. In order not to let the world fall into the hands of Rush completely, we can only pick up the weapon to defend ourselves. home. The above is the background of the story, but in the game did not do too much description of the plot.

“Dungeon Defense” is mainly divided into combat part and development part, let’s talk about the fighting style of the game. This uses a very traditional “defensive” type of battle, the players have the role of standing in the dungeon wall, while the wall is an endless monster army, you can click on the screen to launch a variety of weapons , Destroy those enemies, but the player can only control their initial choice of role, the remaining mercenaries will only be automatically controlled by the system. There are many kinds of weapons in the game, but there are also the limitations of the magazine. When the magazine is empty, it will enter a cooling time of the shot, so in this non-shooting stage, it is necessary to match the skills to stop the enemy’s invasion.

Defeat all invaders to defend your dungeon!
Collect more weapons and monsters to make them stronger.
Enjoy various contents such as “dungeon building, collect various weapons, achievements”

In order to defend the last remaining dungeon of this world, you became a guardian.
Heroes from all over the world gather to conquer the dungeon.
Never be defeated, be the best dungeon!

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