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In an arsonist case of the circus, Dropsy became a target of criticism. In order to wash her grievances, Dropsy was forced to follow the truth because Dropsy could not talk to normal people because she could not speak. She could only communicate with animals. All the way Accompanied by Dropsy is the greatest support for injustice.

Unlike traditional point-and-click puzzle games, Dropsy does not bundle players in a linear narrative, but gives players the freedom to choose their own actions to drive the adventure puzzle process. This setting, and the game want to convey the idea of ​​the players fit well together, with a clown perspective and all kinds of people, or even deal with animals, experience the warmth of human worldly world, explore the truth at the same time explore the goodness of human nature evil.

“Dropsy” gives a strong emotional and visual contrast, not only refers to the picture of the retro pixels of the game, but also the meaning of the game to convey: “Circus arson” is intended to map the terrorist attacks in society, In the disaster-prone real world, people are increasingly looking forward to peace and longing for a beautiful and tranquil life. When people have a stronger sense of self-protection and see comic or even horrible clown Dropsy, people often subconsciously Will regard it as a mirror of terrorists. An intriguing clown should have been the character who delivered happiness and laughter, but social demonization and malicious slander traumatized Dropsy, and Dropsy’s way of striking back was somewhat resentful: picking up people for his Trust, trying to pass selfless love to others trying to find salvation, just as his role is to make everyone happy. Is the so-called witty humor hidden under the appearance of a gold-like heart, seemingly heavy-flavored appearance has the most kind-hearted behavior.

Dropsy uses a traditional click puzzle game where players are free to choose the path of adventure to explore in an open world rather than routinely leading players in a unique narrative path where every player’s choice is possible Affect the outcome of the story, puzzles and stories will gradually put together in the player’s choice pieced together. Doppeli speechless, so the number of words in the game is not large, the player-controlled characters interact with the characters in the game mainly through body language and facial expressions, so in the game “hug” this action as a The main way the characters interact is that the game is delivered in a very intuitive and clever way, with no obvious conversational content. Everything manifests itself as bubbles in people’s heads. It resembles a big exclamation point or question mark to express the current mood changes.

Touching a pick or interact with a character by touching it, the picked prop is saved in the prop bar and can be used to interact with other people or objects. There is also a dedicated hug button, so in any case, it’s worth a try “hug” to see what happens. Dropsy’s other ability is to communicate with animals, where your animal companion will also help you solve puzzles, whether it’s directing hard-to-reach areas, digging for projects, or controlling them individually for some puzzles.

The interplay between the puzzle elements and the various dramatic elements is a very sensible combination, with the net effect of generating powerful emotional transmission and even the magical power of crying, laughing and crying. But most importantly, the visual elements complement each other and the narrative expands, creating a lively environment through the interaction of the intense visual elements of the pixel style with the scene and ultimately with the right music conversion, exaggerated images, and compact Stories narrative, making the game into a classic silent film, which gave birth to moving experience. Not only that, the game has a deeper meaning, like Chaplin’s movie, which subconsciously conveys a message that builds a fairer world and eliminates any form of discrimination. The idea is also really mapped in the game’s story, outside the church, in an adjoining street where an old woman is begging for food, Dropsy gives her a sandwich and then a warm hug.

“Dropsy” has a unique concept of the story. If you accept the pixel style, there are pleasant graphics, plus the structure of its open world, its distinctive portrayal, and its interaction with other characters. Intention of this game.

The overall atmosphere of the game is overly depressed. Poverty, loss of family, homelessness, everyone hates you. All in all, this is not a “fun” game, if you feel depressed, playing this game will only make you more frustrated.

Open worlds and puzzles are fun but may also seem boring. Admittedly, an open puzzle is really fun, but that means you have to walk around and see, in order not to miss the clues you have to talk to everyone you meet, waiting for you to be a scattered puzzle, If you have poor memory or analytical skills, that means you’re going to be interrupted by puzzles at any time.-apkAward.cOm

In order to meet the game Dropsy “poor communication” settings. The game uses as much textual language as possible to interact (that is, communicating through pictures), which is a very interesting concept, but lacks in the promotion of the storyline and characterization.

If you have the following two points: 1, to accept the exaggerated pixel style, or even prefer this type; 2, the heart strong enough, optimistic. Then “Dropsy” lets you experience a warming heart. If you do not have the above two points, then let yourself strong enough to try it again.

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