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Draw Rider + Description

This game is so challenging its enjoyable. – APKAward.com

Behind the map is metamorphosis, unlimited time, limited time called terror, the game test the players of all kinds of skills, control should also be special practice, control keys have A, B, L and R each have their own functions, Novice play may not play so good, so often fail, which is also testing the patience of the player, accidentally dirty from the mouth, or is anger deleted.

In fact, playing for a long time to know that some maps to play a few times to know one of the know-how, this is the success of the method, each level will have a specific car to ride you, there is no limit there are more advantages to choose the car From the so-called each level have their own, and finally the old words to play this game is to have a firm “patience”, can stand the failure!

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