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This game can monitor every corner, from camera to chat software, monitoring software, and even everyone upstairs and downstairs. There is no privacy or hope in this country. Every time the choice seems to be a good thing, the result is actually Unsatisfactory, even a driver who punishes an anecdote will inevitably hurt his wife. What else can you say, the absurd country, the absurd surveillance, the absurdity, the only thing that envied me was the person who escaped after receiving the call. It is a kind of happiness to leave here and start again.

You are invited to join “The Primate Observation Club”, where you will observe the lives of caged monkeys and carefully analyze the information obtained.

THE PRIMATE OBSERVATION CLUB: a shadowy group that observes other people through surveillance cameras and compromised webcams.
YOU: the newest member of the CLUB, tired of your run-down apartment, dull existence and boring job.

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