[2.06] Dim Light Mod APK 2020 Hack Download

Dim Light APK 2.06(51 MB)

Dim Light APK 2.05(43.50 MB)

[2.06] Dim Light Mod APK Identity

About [2.06] Dim Light Mod APK

There is light, is hope; dark place, is fear. Facing the dark road ahead, there is only one flashlight that accompanies you, illuminating your way forward. Of course, you are not alone, because at your side, with unknown creatures, they are like people, but not people, who do not know what they are, maybe they are just fantasy in your heart. Faint light, is your last hope, only through every door, to the bright, always go, do not look back

The only choice is to escape this horrible place, the flashlight issued by the weak light, is your last hope. Hidden behind the door is to survive, or death? Mysterious everything, waiting for you to explore.

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