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DEUL Description

DEUL picture style is very exaggerated, the characters in the game after being attacked the body will become very distorted, often splashing, arm and leg chaos flying phenomenon. Abstract simple style but let the screen without any sense of compromise, there is a feeling of all ages. Although the picture is very simple, but many small details of the game are handled very well, such as the incomplete corner of the wooden door, or wall murals, etc., so that the game has become very good.

The sound of the sound also sounds very simple, the genre of the game has a very strong strange atmosphere, increasing the mystery of the game, but also enhance the interest of some players for this game. The silence quietly for a few seconds before the duel also brought a great sense of tension and oppression. The overall experience was very good.

DEUL game rules is very simple, the player in the battle with the enemy, you need to wait until the other party first pull the gun, the player can click on the screen to attack the enemy, this feeling is somewhat similar to legitimate defense, as if to say to others: Gun! “Players hit the next level if they hit each other, and the game ends if they hit the game.

Players can make full use of the geometry learned in junior high school when shooting, because the game will take full advantage of the principle of reflection angle. In some difficult levels, if the player normally raised his hand and then aimed at the enemy, then the time will certainly not enough, this time we must take full advantage of the game venue, the specific method of using more efficient, look at the players perception of the game .

DEUL is a highly playable response game, unique style and strange music will give the player a novelty to enjoy.

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