[1.0.15] DEAD RAIN 2 : Tree Virus Mod APK 2020

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DEAD RAIN 2 : Tree Virus Description

DEAD RAIN 2 : The Tree Virus apk game allows players to continue their adventures in a doomsday world infected with zombie viruses in order to find ways to make antiviral serum. Players need to get weapons on the road, break through the zombies and try to survive.

Nucleus & Slash Side Scrolling Action RPG

Survive the hell out of a world where a tree grows in your body!
A game where you can enjoy the fun of true manipulation on mobile
Various stages are available

[Game Features]
– numerous stages
– Various skills
– Exploiting the weakness of zombies
– fun of manipulation
– Combat with various bosses
– Hidden elements for each stage
– Distinctive graphics