[1.2.8] DEAD PLAGUE: Zombie Outbreak Mod APK 2020

[1.2.8] DEAD PLAGUE: Zombie Outbreak Mod APK Identity

About [1.2.8] DEAD PLAGUE: Zombie Outbreak Mod APK

In a warm tropical environment the virus spreads rapidly and turns people into an angry zombie mutant. This game is beautiful, clear picture quality. Wonderful to stimulate the plot, and you become a virus immune, you can save the world? Players come and save the innocent world.

Is it Last Day on Earth? Not yet, this is a FREE MMORPG zombie shooter survival and strategy game, where all survivors are driven by one target: stay alive and survive as long as you can in this post apocalypse game and shoot walking dead zombies. There is no place left for friendship, love and compassion. A deadly plague virus pandemic has turned the world into a dead zone full of unkilled zombies. You can trust only yourself in this post apocalyptic game infected with walking dead zombies.

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