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Great Game! Love the art style, music, SFX, gameplay, and controls. Game can be played in short sessions of about 5 to 10 minutes. These sessions all worked towards a bigger mission. Each level is randomly generated with different enemies and hidden passages. Upgrades are obtain through finding documents and secrets. Need to play strategically and not rush it. – APKAward.com

The game background will be set in the Cold War period, we are more familiar with the horizontal scroll type sneak play. The game is divided into multiple levels, in the game, the time is very important, you have to race against time in the shortest possible time to complete the task, while the game also supports repeated challenges, you can get more game props, open hidden game elements and many more. Of course, your ultimate task is to destroy the enemy’s plan to prevent the bomb explosion.

The integration of the cartoon, shooting, sneak into and puzzle and other elements, whether it is the screen effect or BGM, there are thick, full of cold war thinking old 007 film that visual sense.

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