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Amazing I’ve been looking for a game like this for a while now and, the wait has definitely been worth it. Great graphics and simple gameplay makes this game super addicting, the only downside is the short campaign. However, this is made up for through the games excellent multiplayer mode, would love to see an endless mode and possibly some more units in the future! – APKAward.com

Ready to enter the magic of the world, there are noble knights, wise wizards, gods and assassins, waiting for you to start a new epic adventure.

Your all-in-one campaign will cross the snow-capped ice sheets and beautiful open meadows. The game with massive exciting new content, will make you unable to stop. In the battle mode to accept the challenge to complete the game.

20 new battlefield, 3 difficulty models, 9 combat units races to choose from and upgrade, you will be immersed in which enjoy the game fun! Like friends do not miss it!

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