[1.4.12] Battleship Lonewolf Mod APK

[1.4.12] Battleship Lonewolf Mod APK Identity

About [1.4.12] Battleship Lonewolf Mod APK

Battleship Lonewolf Description

A play of the new tower defense game, the game tower is not fixed, you want to move your tower to attack others. Collect the enemy’s money and upgrade your tower. The game can also upgrade your warships, weapons and skills. Let you better against the enemy’s fierce attack.

1. Your warships are very thick, and sometimes you can block the bullets. But blew the ship must hide, hurt huge.

2. When playing the boss time limit, it is best not to kite him, chasing it to play, or time will not enough.

3. Your weapon is best to choose the same type, the upgrade is more advantages.

4. With the missile weapons can circle around, the enemy bad hit you.

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