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Batman: The Enemy Within Description

Batman and Bruce Wayne’s balance between the dual identity, is still the focus of creating a dramatic conflict. In the dark corner of the city to combat the crime of “dark knight” is essential, but there are only things that have a strong family background and the broad relationship between the “son of children” can do. It is noteworthy that, playing Bruce Wayne suits grapes sitting at the negotiating table, no better than Batman.

Need to hide their true identity is only one of them, more importantly – as the head of the Wayne family, you need in the higher, more bizarre level to kill the decision to guard the important people around, And this beloved city. In a particular scene under the strong psychological pressure, you may even let yourself also involved in dirty activities.

The most exciting highlight is the clown’s debut. But in this chapter to show in front of us, is not already in other film and television works with Batman love to kill many years of classic clown image – on the contrary, he is just a “start early”, has not been fully excited Out of the potential, and even slightly gorgeous weird young people. He is not much in this chapter, and from beginning to end seems to be free from the main line, but from the bedding of the traces of view, there is no doubt that he will step by step in the subsequent step into Batman’s ultimate enemy. As for the storyteller of Telltale’s next intention in what way to further shape this character, really look forward to.

The advantages of the game: good quality, fine character modeling, action effects cool cool, urban modeling texture exquisite, smooth operation, rich equipment, the story is good, high degree of reversion, gameplay is good.

Disadvantages: the enemy IQ al low point, attack monotonous point, the task is more repetitive, boss easy.

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