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Anger of Stick 3 Description

Addicted to it ..! Its awesome ,you will never get bored of it …the most challenging part,lot of upgrades new characters with special abilities ,weaponry is brutal too. – APKaward.com

Comic-style background map is the feeling of arcade year, but the background music is slightly single, of course, all this can be made through straightforward smooth action to make up for, after all, this is the main action to play the game through the game Well. The game has a conventional virtual button to control the direction and action instructions, quick start is not a problem, action moves and compared to the previous has been a lot of promotion, and a sense of combat significantly.

The difficulty of the work set is not low, on a blood, finish you hung up, so must be slow to advance, the enemy one by one and then move forward. The game has five different abilities for the players to choose, and the design of the seven planets waiting for players to explore the challenge.

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