[2.8.1] Agar.io Mod APK 2020

Agar.io APK 2.8.1(36 MB)

[2.8.1] Agar.io Mod APK Identity

About [2.8.1] Agar.io Mod APK

Agar.io Description

Agar.io apk is a casual game where you need to manipulate a small cell to play a story of a weak meat, control your small cells and eat other players to get bigger!

Players can collect 100 small balls and we can split for the first time. The split should be used cautiously. At the same time, the two balls are very tired, but if they don’t split, the ball will be bigger and the running will be slower. We can use the split to prey on a ball that is much smaller than ours, or to be chased after being beaten, to abandon the soldiers.

Players need to maintain a stable direction and flexible responsiveness. The early stage of the game is the development stage of the player. At this stage, the player needs to avoid the larger cells and try to enlarge himself. This is also a difficult stage in the game.

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