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Although there are many rich people in this society, the larger bases are all the underprivileged people who are constantly engaged in daily life. They are bored and tired in the face of high-pressure lives.

So now give you a chance to change your fate, just need you survive the crisis of 29 Days, are you willing to accept the challenge?

The game tells of a man who struggled to survive a high-pressure society and repeated monotonous life day after day, at which time he received an invitation from a mysterious organization to survive the 29 Days of Success Challenge, you can get huge bonuses.-apkaward.cOm

The game uses a slightly dark color comic style and with the paper design, in addition to a large number of animation and special effects, a very ingenious BGM also allows players to feel real.

Cruel scenes of life show in front of players, unexpected surprise attack, dilapidated houses, panic crowd, hunger … This is “29 Days” gives me the most intuitive feeling.

The special thing about 29 Days is that it’s a rare survival game that uses turn-based play. In the game, players face different incidents every day, new team members may join, there may be robbery or cooperation, may also have different weather.

Players can decide for themselves how to survive by choosing and dictating whether to go out and explore for more resources, fix home tools, prepare the ingredients they need, learn new skills, and more. In addition, all your decisions will directly affect the development of the plot behind.

In general, the “29 Days” game, like most survival games, relies on looking for resources to survive. During the experience, Xiaobian believes the game is not very friendly to newbies, and there is only one stomach in the upper right corner Hungry signs such as injuries, sickness and so on have their own state of mind.

The difficulty of the game is not small, every day is a new challenge.

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